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10 more actionable Etsy shop tips you can use right now

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Here are ten more of the tips I use the most for my Etsy shop, in case they're useful to anyone else. I do most of these things somewhere between weekly and monthly. My original post with 20 additional tips is here.

  1. Add seasonal keywords to your tags and titles – one or two will do the job. For example, adding ‘Husband gift’ ‘Wife gift’ or ‘Valentine gift’ in mid-January can help boost your views for Valentine’s day. Remember to change them back to general keywords when the occasion has passed.

  2. List a new item. How often you can do this will depend on your product, but having fresh products helps you appear higher in search, and having MORE products increases your chances of being found. Set a goal of adding something new every (day/week/month)

  3. Make a shop update from the mobile app.

  4. Review your top selling products, try and figure out a way to create additional spin-off products from them. For example, you have a top-selling hat, can you make a matching scarf that people might buy as a set?

  5. Recency helps ranking: Pick 5 listings, check that they’re in good shape, and renew them even if they still have a few weeks to run.

  6. Pin ten listings to Pinterest

  7. Make sure that all your packaging has your shop name and url all over, to increase your exposure. You never know who might take note of it on-route to the customer!

  8. Etsy is always looking for photos to feature on the home page, so try and keep your photos updated with seasonal or topical themes to increase your chances of being chosen!

  9. Check your expired listings and renew any that you think you can revive. Change them to auto-renew.

  10. Comment on the latest posts on the Etsy blog, this will get your shop name out in public and remind people you’re there.

For more advice and lessons-learned-the-hard-way, check out my Etsy Shop Guide here

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