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20 Actionable Etsy Shop tips you can use right now.

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Are you an Etsy seller too? I've been selling art online since 2014, and I've learnt so many things the hard way! I feel like I'm making some progress these days though (although there is ALWAYS more to learn!)

Recently I've had quite a few people message me with questions, and they can't be the only ones who want to know these things, right? So I though I'd share some of my best tips here in case they're useful to anyone else. I do most of these things somewhere between weekly and monthly.

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  1. Attack 5 of your worst-performing listings – Are your tags all multi-word? Is the most important three-word phrase at the beginning of your title? Are you proud of all the photos? Are all ten photo spaces filled? To find your worst performing items, go to Stats, click ‘Listings’ at the top left of your screen (on desktop computer) then scroll down to ‘Least Visited Listings’. You can also see in your Listings Manager how many visits/favourites/sales each listing has had.

  2. At the same time, make sure all 5 listings are in the right product category - this affects search results. Check through your listing carefully to make sure you’ve checked the right boxes.

  3. Join as many Pinterest group boards for Etsy sellers as you can and pin to them regularly. Get in touch with me on Pinterest and I’ll add you to mine

  4. Pick 5 listings and check that you don’t have too many options jammed into them - if you have rings made of two different materials, put them in two separate listings. Keep it simple. Also, more listings = more chances to be found in search, so don’t worry too much about spending the extra 20c! It’s worth it.

  5. Get into a habit of posting regular shop updates (you can only do this from the mobile app) Great article here about why and how.

  6. Recency is still a factor in search ranking – fresh new listings or recently re-listed items have an advantage. Pick 5 listings, check that they’re in good shape, and renew them even if they still have a few weeks to run.

  7. Getting ‘hearts’ or ‘favourites’ helps you appear higher in search results. Favourite or ‘heart’ 20 products in a different category to yours (not your ‘competition’) on Etsy, hopefully they’ll do the same for you. (Please note: I don’t mean ‘competition’ as in ‘The Enemy’, just other shops in the same product category. Actually, I believe that out of 7.2 billion people on earth there are enough customers for EVERYONE to have a piece of the pie! We need to work together, not against each other!! If you are a digital art / printables seller and you message me for advice, I will do all I can to help you)

  8. Go through your Etsy notifications and follow or favourite anyone who has followed or favourited your shop in the last day or so, to jog their memory if they’ve clicked away and forgotten you!

  9. Do you know how to set up a coupon code or sale? These can be great promo tools. If you're on a desktop computer, look to the left of the screen and find the little trumpet/megaphone symbol (Marketing) - click on that, then click 'Sales and Coupons'. At the top right of that screen, there is a black button with '+New Special Offer' - you'll find it there.

  10. Tags: Pick 5 listings and check your tags – are they multi-word? Are they accurate and relevant? Are they as individual as possible? For example: “Flamingo art print, tropical bird print, pink bird décor” is better than “Flamingo art print, Flamingo wall art, Flamingo art”. Don’t get too fancy with your tags – the keywords need to be as straightforward as possible. This is not the time to be creative! You want to use simple words that your customers will actually type in to find what they're looking for.

  11. Don’t be too creative with your titles either – again, use only straightforward keywords that your customer will be searching for. If you are selling a painting called “Avalanche Paradigm Number 4”, put the name of the painting in the DESCRIPTION, and stick with “Acrylic painting, Original abstract art, hand painted, Modern décor” in the title. Pick 5 listings and make sure your titles are in good shape.

  12. Remember: Treat your Etsy business like a job, and you will get paid like it’s your job. Treat it like a hobby, and you will get paid like it’s a hobby.

  13. Pick 5 listings and examine your product descriptions. Be sure to incorporate as many keywords as you can to help boost your shop’s SEO ranking on Google search. You should eliminate guesswork as much as possible for the customer – if they have to message you for more information about a product, they will click away and might find something in another shop while they await your reply. Try to imagine what someone might ask about the item, and provide answers to those questions within your description.

  14. Find 5 shops in the same category as you, who have made 20000 sales or more. Study the way their shops are arranged, the keywords they’ve used, look at their online activity outside of Etsy if possible – check their About Page and see if they have a website, blog, social media presence etc. What do you love about what they’re doing? What can you learn from them? Without copying them, are there any tweaks you could make to your own shop?

  15. Photos – make sure you are using ALL TEN photo spaces for every listing. Pick 5 listings, go through the photos, choose those that could use some improvement and upgrade them. If you are struggling to come up with ten unique photos of one product, also include a graphic/ad for your shop that can be pinned to Pinterest, and a photo of another of your products with text added saying ”you might also like this”

  16. Investigate Tailwind. It’s a Pinterest pin scheduler (also posts to FB and Instagram) and for me, it’s the biggest time saver and best advertising money I’ve ever spent. If you’d like to try 30 days for free, use this link (it’s a referral from me, I’ll receive a credit if you sign up) No pressure though, there are other automation apps for social media, please do check them all out!

  17. If you are featured in any blog or magazine, make sure you let everyone know! Add something like “As seen in_______ magazine” to your shop banner or announcement.

  18. What you measure increases – get in the habit of checking your shop stats regularly – look for patterns and trends, keep reading through it until you understand how it works.

  19. Excellent article here about WHY you need an email list! Please do read. When you sign up with Aweber or MailChimp, you’ll be able to share a link that takes people to the sign-up page – include this link in your Shop Announcement. Once you HAVE an email list, send an email to alert everyone on the list when you add new products to your shop. You can also promote sales or discounts to your list. Your existing customers are hot leads and very likely to buy again. Don’t wait ‘til you have 100 or 1000 people to start sending newsletters! Start right away.

  20. Set yourself a goal of being ‘Featured’ on Etsy by the end of the year, or by this time next year. Sellers don't submit their items to be considered, Etsy's Merch team scours the site for items and shops of their choice to feature. You can Increase your chances by making sure your photos are the best you can do, your About section and Policies are up-to-date, you are an active part of the Etsy community, (e.g, joining teams, commenting on Etsy blog posts) and continuously improving your tags and titles to make it easier for the Etsy Merch team to find you and your items. You also need to be in good standing on Etsy – no unresolved disputes, copyright infringements or violations of Etsy rules.

For more advice and lessons-learned-the-hard-way, check out my Etsy Shop Guide here

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