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February Malarkey + Vintage Graphics gift

Hey there! Here are a few colorful things I've spotted lately, you might like them too :)

 Rachel Kearn's impressionistic dot paintings are fascinating - this one is called 'Bloom' Ps 97:11 You can find her HERE

 I'm all kinds of obsessed with vintage sign painting right now - we were in Hawkes Bay recently and saw an amazing coffee cart at the markets with the most beautifully hand painted, old-school signage, I can't get it out of my head! Pinterest is a treasure trove of old-school sign painting tutorials.... Find some of them here

One of my great loves (besides art) is TRAVEL and one of my biggest pandemic regrets is procrastinating on the trips we wanted to take! It's absolutely giving me a rash to have my wings clipped, but Google Arts and Culture virtual tours are not-too-bad substitutes in the meantime. I loved this one of the Taj Mahal, I would love to see it for real one day.

I'm super excited to be starting a pottery class at Island View Pottery next week - I haven't done anything with clay for far too many years - I'm hoping to brush up on the basics and then I'd love to be able to do pottery with my art class at school. We don't have a kiln but I'll figure it out. Some of my best memories of primary school involve clay - very excited about the possibilities!

THIS MONTH'S FREEBIE is a digital clip art pack of vintage frames - I've been having lots of fun with these. I have ANOTHER shop on Etsy called Antipodes Digital, which I set up to focus on graphics and clip art - you can find lots of similar stuff over there. DOWNLOAD FREE VINTAGE FRAMES CLIP ART HERE This always makes me laugh (feel free to use them on me if you need to!):

So what's new with you? I'd love it if you got in touch and let me know what's inspiring you right now - my email is rebecca@southpacificprints.co.nz or you can find me here: INSTAGRAM

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