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October Updates

Hey there!Here are a few colorful things I've spotted lately, you might like them too :) I've been busy making new prints - I'm loading them as we speak so keep an eye out! Also I'm almost finished a set of portrait sketches that are a bit different to what I've ever done before - when I stop picking them to bits and second-guessing myself, I'll add them as well. Everything in the Etsy Shop and on the Website is on sale.

One of my favourite designers is Alexander Girard (1907-1993) He was involved in hundreds of projects including illustration, architecture, furniture design, interior design, murals, textile design and his iconic Midcentury Nativity set More Alexander Girard here

THIS MONTH'S FREE PRINTABLE is a blue watercolor dot abstract. There's something funky going on with my download buttons - please use this link to access it: https://tinyurl.com/4sttce3v

Beautiful color inspiration at Brand Spanking You - little bit of eye candy!

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