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Please note that all the items in my shop are digital download printable files - no physical item will be sent. Downloaded items are not refundable.  For best results, I recommend your local printer. printable art, home decor, watercolor paintings, painting, wall art, art print.  Where else can I print my files? Can I print on canvas?
You're welcome to print your files at any service of your choice! Any photo printing service will work - all of my files are RGB high-resolution files, just like the photos on your phone or camera. :) One of the great things about purchasing printables is that you can print on any material you choose, such as matte or glossy paper, card stock, canvas, wood, metal, etc.


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I'm Rebecca - Wife, Mama, Art Teacher, Maker of Pretty Things. 

I live in the crater of a volcano, on the North Island of New Zealand, which is about as far South as you can go without reaching Antarctica.

I was blessed to grow up with free access to all kinds of creative supplies and spent my childhood in a happy muddle of snipped up paper and paint everywhere! These days I'm mostly an acrylic painter and graphic designer, I teach art to the coolest Middle School kids, sometimes I'm a jewellery maker or a house renovator and always a gardener.

This website is new, but I've been selling digital art on Etsy for eight years - if you want to see reviews, check them out here.


I've been blessed to be featured in Flow Magazine, HGTV and Your Home & Garden, you can also find me on Redbubble and Society6.

My favourite work of art is my family, who are busy growing up in happy muddles of their own.

Thanks so much for your support, it's hugely appreciated!


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Made with love in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

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